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For as long as we can remember we created Christmas tablescapes every year for our family Christmas dinner. All the crystal, tablecloths, special plates and cutlery were taken out and hours were spent deciding how to make it look different and special.

We created an atmosphere through small details on our dining room table. The flicker of a candle, the softness of a napkin, the welcome of a place name card. Why? Because for us sitting as a family around the table was about creating an experience, a memory, an atmosphere. Our Christmas table was more than just a place to eat. It was the heart of the family and a memory maker.

Mother & daughter team Alice & Dee love creating memories and are a bit obsessed with details. Back in the day the choice of decor was nowhere near what it is now, and the cost stopped us from having too much on our tables so we used to have to get creative with limited resources!

This year, 2019, has seen the dynamic duo return to their love of tablescapes, their passion for new experiences, and their dream of running a business together. Tablescape Decor Limited was born.

It's the little details that people remember And it's through styling the decor details that you can share your story, set the scene for your guests or family, and create memorable experiences that will live forever. 

People may forget the details but they never forget how those details have made them feel.

Let Tablescape Decor Limited share their detail led curated table styling kits with you so that you can do it your way, tell your own story & create your own memory making experiences.

Our mission is to build a platform of styling products and resources to support ordinary people to create extraordinary stylish detail led tablescapes for every occasion.

Create a look you love with modern stylish tablescape decor.

Tablescape Decor Limited is an Irish Limited Company (company number 644725) which operates as an online retailer, online course host and host of an online monthly membership platform for lovers of beautiful tablescapes. Watch out for our pop up shops at Wedding Shows & Christmas Markets throughout 2020.

The Team:

Alice is a specialist in finance, auditing and administrative systems and is responsible for our business systems, sales and stock. She keeps things in order and reins in the creative ideas of designer daughter Dee.

Dee is a qualified wedding planner, wedding stylists and floral stylist who has in the past worked as an international tutor for trainee wedding & floral stylists. Dee also currently runs a wedding business coaching business. She has worked in the wedding industry as a solopreneur for the past 8 years in the UK running her own wedding styling, planning and floral design business.



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